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Alcoutim town is one of the Algarve’s inland hidden gems, located along the Guadina River that faces Spain. The town is not very large, so well worth taking the parking spaces that are Cleary marked along the roadside. There is also parking right on the riverfront but these spaces are soon filled in the summer months. The town has much to offer and steeped in history for those who are looking for adventure. The 13th century castle open to the public, offers spectacular views from the crenulation walls looking across the river to the Spanish town of Sanlucar de Guadiana, with its large white fort sitting on top of the hillside.  Castle entrance fee is around €2.50 ideal for young families as safety rails have been put in place on the parapet wall.

Many narrow cobbled streets are formed from stones taken from the riverbed adding charm to the feel of the place, Alcoutim has retained many of the old walls dating from the 17th century when the town was a garrison having 4 churches/chapels and an early customs house. In the main square with a modern look; new granite cobbles make up the road that leads to the waterfront, where the road and parking area are laid with rock slate local to the area, as far as the slipway for launching boats. There you will also find public toilets the waterfront with weeping willow trees offer shelter with stone benches to sit and take in the view with the varies boats that come and moor for a week or two. Moorings are based on a first come basis with charges doubling after the first weeks stay. On the left side of the waterfront are beautiful public gardens and benches along with exercise seesaws, wheels and bikes that are a fixed feature of the gardens.  

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