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Aljezur in the western Algarve when you approaching Aljezur from the east on the N120 road. The first thing you notice is the long high street, which follows over the bridge to the other half of the town. Aljezur is in 2 parts, separated by the river.

This came about in the mid-18th century due to the Bishop who was convinced that moving the town across the river. In the hope it would end the Malaria the town suffered, with many daily deaths accruing.  People who stayed in the old part of town more than likely would not be able to afford the cost moving across the river. At the point of the bridge on the left hand side, is a small fresh daily undercover market where fresh fish is plentiful; you will find a tourist office situated in the high street, with a free map of the town and other literature for the castle.

Main church of the New town

The river that divides the Town

Cobbled streets of Old Town

Old houses along the river bank

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