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Alte set in Central Algarve, comes under the district parish of Loule. Famous with the Portuguese for natural spring waters which runs 365 days a year. Whilst the village is set inland amongst the hills, Alte sits in a basin surrounded by undisturbed countryside.

Entering Alte from the west along the main N124 road, the first thing seen is the main church yard along with a newish roundabout. With large car park off one of the exits, Alte has the main road that more or less circles the town. There is a bridge which narrows to one car width that crosses the river. This is a popular spot as the river has wild ducks and geese. Popular with locals and tourist, with fresh running spring water which comes out of two clay pipes.  Often is busy, with locals who fill there bottles with drinking water. A sign reads, not tested and not for drinking, but this sadly is part of the health and safety laws that have hit Europe; the sign is to cover such laws.

This river bank has stone tables and benches used for picnics by the river’s edge. In May the village holds a festival of marriage and a food and music festival.

Altes famous Portuguese poet has a monument dedicated to his work. With blue & white tiles showing sonnets written by the poet, for which Alte honor his work. Candido Pacheco born in the 1870’s is part of the Villages' history which they are proud. A brown sign shows directions to the fontes, which Alte is famous for, well worth the walk as in the summer months.

Alte village

Main Church square

Font springs

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