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Alvor on the western side of the Algarve once just a small fishing village a hidden gem that few had heard about. Nowadays Alvor has become one of the favorite with tourists, still keeping its charm, and remains un-spoilt.  Any new buildings which increase the size of Alvor must be kept to minimum height, as not to blot the landscape. No amount of building can take away the original un-spoilt cobblestone roads that lead down to the harbour. If wanting to buy fresh fish it can be possible direct from the fishermen as they pull the boats in down by the lifeboat station. with the waterfront being the main attraction as the River Rio joins, getting the best of both worlds, the bay and the marina. Like much of the Algarve EU funding was spent on bringing the Algarve up to modern day standards, including disabled access to most places. With much of Alvor seeing these improvements even down to the new fishing huts where fishermen can often be seen repairing their nets. The Palm tree lined walkway with restaurants and bars are the perfect place to enjoy the fresh barbecued fish while soaking up the atmosphere. Further along is the golden sandy beach with small coves, be aware of the new warning signs as  many parts of the Algarve saw rock falls in 2010, with fatalities. Most famously noted is the earthquake of 1755 which destroyed much of Portugal.

Alvor has Gone pulled out stops here when it come to catering for disabled, with a clearly marked beach directions and loads of allocated parking,even the cobbled streets have a flat section for wheelchairs and pushchairs

Alvor lagoon

Colourful back street

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