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Boliqueime in Central Algarve Portugal, Boliqueime is a small village comes under the district of Loule. The Algarve is famous for its chimneys which are unique to this part of Portugal. They come in all shapes and sizes and featured on many postcards.

Said the larger more elaborate the chimney more wealth one had. You will often see grand chimneys on small cottages that look out of proportion. The small village of Boliqueime celebrates by having the chimney on its coat of arms. The village has the largest cement factory in the Algarve and can be seen from the A22 motorway, Boliqueime village sits above sea level of around 45 meters with good sea views.

The small square at the village center, with the main church being the dominant building in the center was completely rebuilt after the 1755 earthquake.

There are many narrow streets that still have cobbled stones. Boliqueime has remnants of wealth in the past, evidence of merchant’s houses with stone door surrounds, wrought iron balconies and window grills.

Many tourists would not find a reason to visit the village, but Boliqueime has two smaller parishes. Fonte de Boliqueime, with the EN: 125 road running through the middle of it. You will not actually find Fonte de Boliqueime. The place name refers to hot and cold springs that were present in the 13th to 15th century. Nowadays the only remaining evidence of a Fonte is one that sits inside a restaurant.

Poco de Boliqueime just further up. This is where most tourists think they have visited Boliqueime and having nothing to offer. But you would be wrong as to drive that little further until you reach Boliqueime itself, the village has the charm of other villages in the Algarve. Boliqueime has a monthly market on the last Thursday of the month (see Markets). Many good restaurants offering fantastic sunset views. The village is well worth the inland visit for those staying closer to the coast. Boliqueime village holds food events in August September in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows, normally held over a 2 day weekend.

Merchants house Village centre

Main street

Main church square

Renovated house