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Burgau is a small village in the Western Algarve of Portugal; it is often seen as the Algarve’s version of Cornwall in England.  A picturesque village that still has a thriving fishing population and fishermen can still be seen repairing nets and lobster pots.

The village is very steep, many streets are cobbled, and some of the narrow pavements look like they might be private. But most will join the main roads in the village. There are many steps and steep climbs. If disabled or with limited mobility. You can still enjoy Burgau as there are many dedicated blue badge parking spaces down at the bottom near the beach. The beach is more like a cove bay being surrounded by large cliffs; one even resembles a pyramid in shape.

  The beach is sheltered in a bay with golden sand. Caution is needed with young children as the tide can come in fast and covers most of the beach. Caution is also need when parking down on the beach slops, as the tide has been known to cover vehicles.

Hotel used for filming

Rooftop sea views

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