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Estombar in Western Algarve lays to the south off the EN: 125. Estombar comes under the district of Lagoa even though is closer to Portimao. This is because rivers act as boundaries. Estombar became a Town Status in 1991. The nearby river of Rio Arade has salt fields that are well prized in the Algarve and can be seen from the road when crossing the bridge. The main Church of Estombar, Igreja Matriz sits proud at the top of the town with twin bell towers.

Although only one tower has bells, it was more important for the architectural look rather than both towers to have bells. The church can be seen from the road before entering the town.

On entering Estombar is a large well-kept mature park with Children’s play area.

Whilst across the road on the corner is the large indoor daily Municipal market with fresh fish, Bread and fruit, vegetables. Heading up towards the center, it has many narrow streets as expected from any Algarvian town. With the odd Merchants house the main church sits on a large square made of cobblestones.

Panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and salt beds with views across to Portimao. Estombar offers some good restaurants with traditional decorated colored fronts. In addition are small bars/cafes. There is outside seating terraces just off the church square. Further up toward the urbanized part of the town, sits a small bar. Outside daily is a mule and traditional hand decorated cart that stands in the shade waiting to take its owner home.

Old water wheel

Adega with petting zoo

View of Estombar centre

Main church at the top

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