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Praia da Luz

Praia da Luz, in Western Algarve Portugal, is a small coastal village that comes under the district of Lagos. Very much a fishing village until discovered by tourism is the 1960´s. when approaching Luz from the West coming out of Burgau. you notice the first signs of the village with a breath taking view of the backdrop of the rocks that form the well protected bay of praia da Luz. In front of the view are the many modern villas and apartments that have grown over the years. One good thing is there are no high-rise apartment blocks spoil the village.  You can still see the many older houses that keep too traditional of whitewashing cottages that the Algarve is known.  Well worth find parking as you first see it, as the village is quiet compact and the deeper in you go the harder to find parking spaces.

Praia da Luz has more shops and bars and restaurants to cope with the large number of people that head to the beaches in the summer months. With easy walking around the town, with only 4 main roads, the beach just  200 meters from the central street. The village has a small but impressive church with intricate carved gilt wooden alter. A the rear of the church is what looks like easy parking but caution!. Many of these parking spaces are strictly for residents of nearby properties and you could find your car being towed away. Pass the church towards the water front is a small square with seating offering shade.

Offering a great view of both sides of the village one half being rock the other being the beach. The promenade has good access for pushchairs & disabled wheelchairs. The pavement decorated with traditional flat cobble stones with black and white patterns in. There is a good choice of small restaurants along the promenade. Prices are good for a lunch. Just along the front, you will find the remains of a roman bathhouse discovered which dates from around the 4th century. Accessed by a doorway  entrance, open daily from 10am-5pm during peak season. The beach is a sheltered one being in a bay, when the tide goes out leaving shallow rock pools, ideal for children to paddle or sit. Further along the beach turns to rock, popular with snorkelers. Water sports can be seen further along the eastern side of the beach.

Gilt carved alter One of many bars

Main Beach promenade

Sheltered cove beach