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Vilamoura in central  Algarve, Vilamoura is the name given to the area, rather than the town with a lack of its own period coat of arms. Vilamoura comes under the district of Loule and is one of the riches districts in the Algarve, known for million euro villas and top golf courses. Vilamoura created in the 1960s, built as one of the largest single tourist complex in Europe. Covering 1600 hectares of land, not known as the pine resorts for nothing, with one of the largest pine tree covered areas in the Algarve. The high demand for luxury house has led to the development and reclaim of the marshlands. The Company that owns the complex is environmentally conscious and has made every effort to protect nature within its continued planned development.  

Whilst Vilamoura comes across as an expensive place due to the luxury boats and yachts moored in the marina that dominated the town.  Price tags for villas can reach into the millions, yet you would be wrong for thinking not an affordable place to visit. With plenty of restaurants to suit every pocket, try those bars and restaurants off the back road with dish of the day from as little as €10.

For those of you who are golfers it offers six different golf courses (but the Championship course requires you to have a handicap certificate to play).the complex also include large marina, Lawn Bowling Club, Tennis Club, a Sports Club, even a Shooting Club, 5 Star and 4 Star Hotels. Many apartments self-catering Villas, Night Clubs, an International Casino with glamorous shows.  Also boasts a Cinema, and an excellent horse riding school.

Cerro da Vila providing a glimpse into the past of the area? The entrance fees of just €5 in 2014. Within the centre of Vilamoura is a preserved Roman Site and Museum of

In Roman times this location was important in producing a fish paste known as garum. Ruins also include the baths in which the mariners used to bathe. The museum has both indoor and outdoor exhibits.

Vilamoura marina is heart of the town with a large range of restaurants, bars and shops (including many designer shops).  The marina offers a chance to stroll and being very picturesque in the evenings. With the 1000 berths nearly always full and the gentle clang of the yachts rigging as waves gentle rock the boats.

The resort is also home to Vilamoura Casino, which has regular evening entertainment, such as dance and singing shows, separate from the gaming rooms.

Well worth paying a visit to the main borough city of Loule which is very Cafe cultured and known for the 2 large markets (see sitemap for Market dates).

Costumes in museum Original roman pillar

Museum entrance

Inside the Museum grounds

1000 or more luxury boats

Vilamoura marina complex