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                                           Towing in Portugal

Covering the aspects of different laws regarding towing with a vehicle on a B  driving category with a max weight of 3.5 tonnes (3,500 Kilo) MAM with trailer of maximum 750 kilo, these laws were correct in 2021

Towing with a Foreign Vehicle

If you are a non resident travelling to Portugal on a UK driving license then provided your driving licence lists the categories that allow you to tow you will have no problem, these categories are as follows :passing your driving test after 1997, category B will up to 3.5 ton with a trailer not exceeding 750 kilo. If you passed you driving test before 1st Jan 1997 then you will be allowed to drive a vehicle up to 8. tonne (8,250 Kilo) with a trailer of 750 kilo. Please remember to check the MAM (maximum authorised mass) as towing a small car you must also include the trailer weight as well.

You must make sure whatever you are towing has the correct number plate that matches the vehicle you are towing with it must be a current number plate showing what country your vehicle is registered in, those within the EU normally carry the EU blue symbol with the letter/s of that country ie: GB (Great Britain) E (Spain).

You may not tow any non Portuguese vehicle that is for commercial use within Portugal with the intention of trading from ,ie Hotdog stall or Ice-cream trailer; this also includes doing boot fairs or flea markets with a trailer.

You can however tow such commercial trailers if you have no intension to trade from them inside Portugal.

If you are a resident of Portugal you must not tow or drive a foreign registered vehicle (this means a vehicle with non Portuguese registration plates) on a Portuguese driving licence if caught you will find confiscation of the vehicle and a fine.

Towing with a Portuguese Vehicle  

 A Portuguese driving licence will have the category B+E this is the category for allowing you to tow for more information on this visit. www.imtt.pt

What you cannot you Tow

This section only applies to residents with a Portuguese driving licence and Portuguese registered vehicles

 In Portugal it is illegal to tow another vehicle this means the following.

( Car, Bus, Lorries, Motorbike,).

1/ Towing with a rope or tow bar.

2/ Towing another vehicle that has the wheels touching the road (front or rear) this includes A frames.

What you can Tow

This section applies to non Portuguese and Portuguese residents provided that your driving licence entitles you to do so, this is covered under Articles 123. and 126. Of the Highway Code.

1/ Caravans, Boats, paperwork required for some countries, ie: registration document.

2/ Trailers, also see ( Towing with a foreign vehicle)Top of the page.

3/ Cars,Motorbikes,ect: can be towed provided they are on a trailer so that all the wheels are on the trailer and not touching the road.

Carrying an overhanging load

Portugal does not allow the over hang on Private vehicles anything that exceeds the width or length of the vehicle this includes anything carried on a roof rack, having the rear door of a hatchback opening beyond the bumper, any object sticking out of the window. Some shops or people may suggest tying a red cloth or rag on the end of the item overhanging the vehicle but this is strictly forbidden.

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